Greetings, my name is Barry although years go I was called Barney because the cook at small restaurant I stopped at for breakfast on the way to work did not wear her glasses. At that time I wore a work shirt with my name and she thought it said Barney. Until I started dating her sister they always called me Barney. Her sister became my best friend and wife, Judy.

I retired from the cabinet manufacturing industry in 2005 and tried my hand at massage therapy. Became to much for my hands so did not pursue that career, but a short time.

For several years we spent the winter month in Florida, where one of the main activities was eating. In 2017 somebody took a picture with me in it that made me realize I had put on a lot of weight. When we returned to Illinois I decided I needed to get rid of some pounds and joined Weight Watchers.

Before starting a lifestyle change in my eating habits, it was difficult for me to walk more than a few blocks without having to rest. One of the best things to promote weight loss is exercise. There was a local 5k walk/run benefit that Judy and I decided would be fun.

I got hooked on doing 5k walks and along with a walking buddy try to walk the trails in a local park several times a week. I have started competing in 5k races and each time my time gets a little better. Even place 2nd in a couple of events in my age bracket.

Through changes in eating habits and walking exercise I have lost 55 pounds and kept it off for twelve months. Which I know is not much when there are those who have lost a lot more than my 55 pounds, but my story is that I have succeeded while becoming more active and health issues I had are no longer troubling me, blood pressure and cholesterol mainly.

I have done several things to supplement retirement income, worked as a temporary maintenance worker at a state park, written a book, and been district tournament director for national bass tournament circuit. None of these added much to the income.

Have always enjoyed writing and checked out several free and paid courses bout creating a blog. The free ones were not much more than what anybody can find online. The paid ones seem more like they were collecting my money and then I was on my own with little or no help. Found Wealthy Affiliate and did the first level of training and was pleased with the program and the helpful people.

So now I’m a blogger working towards creating an online business to create added retirement income. Writing about “Walking for Fitness and Health”, Journaling for Men and posting regular devotional messages.