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Greetings, my name is Barry although years go I was called Barney because the cook at small restaurant I stopped at for breakfast on the way to work did not wear her glasses. At that time I wore a work shirt with my name and she thought it said Barney. Until I started dating her sister they always called me Barney. Her sister became my best friend and wife of thirty-one years, Judy.

I retired from the cabinet manufacturing industry in 2005 and tried my hand at massage therapy. Became to much for my hands so did not pursue that career, after a short time.

For several years we spent the winter month in Florida, where one of the main activities was eating. In 2017 somebody took a picture with me in it that made me realize I had put on a lot of weight. When we returned to Illinois I decided I needed to get rid of some pounds and joined Weight Watchers. ...continue reading "About This Site"