Through the years certain catch-phrases have caught my attention and have caused me to consider their impact on my life. There are three in particular that a challenge is the challenge of New Year’s resolution (I prefer to use “goals” instead of resolutions. I can continue to strive for a goal even if I take one step back for every two I take forward. A resolution makes me feel like a failure the first time I break it, and results in my giving up.)

No, I will not write about weight loss or exercise programs, nor will I make recommendations we stop kicking the dog or beating our spouse. I am writing about goals of a different vein.

First Saying

The first goal is “Never be later than ten minutes early.” Bet I stepped on some toes with that statement. Are you one of those who is regularly just going out the door at the time you should be somewhere? Yes, sometimes there is a legitimate reason for being late- a last-minute phone call for instance. It happens to all of us. But when tardiness becomes a regular event, it is either the result of not planning ahead, or not considering the inconvenience to others our being late can be. That can fall under the category of thinking more highly of ourselves than others that the apostle Paul speaks of in Romans 12:3…

Second Saying

The second saying is “Never make the same mistake twice” Think about it: Cane we avoid making some grievous error, like going in a direction we know we shouldn’t consider, or letting wrong word slip across our tongue? A sign that was popular a while back said: PLAN AH…EAD. It illustrates the need to look beyond the present moment and be responsible for the future. Again Paul who called this “pressing on toward the goal” (Philippians 3:14). Couldn’t we end many of our mistakes, shortcomings, SINS if we plan ahead to the consequences of our actions, and avoid making the mistake in the first place?

Third Saying

The final saying tells us to “Read the Bible again for the first time.” How many times have we heard people resolve to read the Bible in its entirety and yet they never seem to make it. By the time they get through the Old Testament with all the genealogies they become bogged saying “What’s the use?” becoming discouraged and quit.

There are ways to overcome the stumbling blocks. One way is to use a different version of the Bible especially not the King James version. All the Thees and Thous get them every time. Another choice is to use one of the One Year Bibles with daily readings from the Old Testament, Psalms and the New Testament. Still another method is a chronological Bible organizing the Bible into chronological order.


The main thing is to get into a daily reading of the Word habit. The real challenge is not simply reading it. Avoid skimming over familiar passages that you might neglect a personal message from scripture
Choose your goals wisely and ask God to help you with them.

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