Spiritual Goals

As we come to the close of 2018 and await the new-born year 2019 many will make New Year’s resolutions. Some will follow through with their resolutions while as much as eighty percent of our goals for the New Year fail. Many people decided not to make resolutions that become a distant memory.

It is not intended we be in constant behavior modification. The Bible explains that we should strive to change the condition of our hearts rather than our outward performance (Matthew 12:35).

Why not focus on “Being” in place of “doing”. Instead of struggling to change our behavior, change our vision to one of who we want to become. Focusing on our outward actions let our year become one of “be” informing our “do”.

Ten GoalsBible and glasses

  1. Know no matter what seems to get us down, we are loved. If you feel like nobody loves you search your heart to see if you love others. If we give off love, we will receive love.
  2. You are not a slave to an addiction, a job or a bad relationship. We are destined to a life of freedom from the things that bind you to become a slave to them.
  3. Don’t continue to remember mistakes you have made in the past. Work to not make the same mistakes again and again. Walk through this New Year without guilt over mistakes and failures from the past. Today is a new day, “rejoice and be glad in it”.
  4. Step forward in confidence, there will be trials and battles to overcome. Nothing comes easy only when we chose to be victorious can acknowledge a confident happy life.
  5. Chose to thrive with the knowledge God has chosen you. As we learn to accept the truth that God loves us even when we come up short.
  6. While others struggle with life’s circumstances because God promised to be beside you He will be your source of strength through the rough spots. Having that knowledge will make you strong and brave every day.
  7. Rest assured as you face the daily battles take time to rest knowing God provides abundant grace. Let His Omnipotent power flow and know He is always enough.
  8. You have been pieced together with a specific purpose in mind. Live the amazing live the Creator of Heaven and Earth created you to be.
  9. Stand unshakeable in faith. Life throws surprises at you each day. The Lord will never fail you. Exercise your faith until it’s rock solid.
  10. Never forget you belong to the Lord through whom all things are possible.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Goals”

  1. Woooo Barry this is so powerful thank you! Are going to bookmark this and save it on my screen to read when needed.

    It is true if you spread love thickly you will always get some back, but sometimes it can be intimate love that lacks and leaves a void, it is then when belief and faith carry you through.

    Thank you this is prescious.
    Bush Lady

    1. So very true Stella our beliefs and our faith can manage to get us through the toughest of time and make the good times better

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