Advent – Is Meaning

What is advent?

As we draw nearer to the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we hear about the advent season. How much do we really know what advent means?

Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas day with the lighting of a candle each Sunday. Candles are a special symbolic institution of the Christian Church. The Old Testament (Exodus 40:5, 25) the first temple of God on earth were held using lamps as the Lord had ordained. New Testament Church’s the lighting of the candle was included in the service without fail. Continue reading “Advent – Is Meaning”

Bible Study – Step Two “Interpreting

Interpreting the Bible

Before we can interpret the writings of the Bible’s authors we need to define “interpret”. According to the dictionary interpret means: 1) to give or provide the meaning of; explain; explicate; elucidate, 2) To construe or understand in a particular way and 3) To bring out the meaning of (a dramatic work, writing, music, etc.) by performance or execution. To interpret the Bible, we want to provide the meaning of the passage, to understand it and to bring out its meaning. Continue reading “Bible Study – Step Two “Interpreting”